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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater:

Various of industrial establishments and factories increased significantly in Egypt, as well as quantities of industrial waste, especially industrial wastewater increased. Due to their presence, the permitted production levels of these water need treatment of water within Industrial area.

ASW Serves General Industries, Construction, Oil field, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical , Food Industries.

Riskiness of non-treatment of industrial wastewater:

The discharge of industrial waste water directly into sewage networks without treatment causes:

  • Serious contamination to groundwater, sea water and marine life generally.
  • Raise the level of sewage pollution to dangerous levels that are difficult to describe because sewage treatment is different from industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Causes of erosion by the sewage network.

It also fails to address industrial hazards and opportunity to reuse water treatment within an Enterprise for production purpose.

Our Services

Industrial wastewater contains many complex, toxic physical, biological and chemical impurities and contaminants. Their treatment therefore requires special expertise and skills. Sepco provides industrial wastewater treatment in several ways other than traditional wastewater treatment.

We provide our customers with comprehensive services covering all stages, analyzing the needs according to the type of industrial wastewater and the type of industry that is carried out in the enterprises, through the design and then installation of the processing unit and training for mechanism of operation system, with warranty and maintenance services.

Waste Treatment & Disposal

Most of our given solutions rotate around the concept of chemical treatment of the waste. However for each case a complete study is perform to determine the optimal treatment Method. We adopted an Egyptian technology that was invented, developed and produced in Egypt at the beginning of the previous decade which can be stated as WASTE TREATMENT BY ACTIVATED COAGULATION, ELECTROLYTIC OXIDATION AND OIL SEPARATION which is registered and protected by the patent office of the Arab Republic of Egypt as a core to our industry – from which we are branching as needed – according to market needs.We obtained all the necessary authorizations from the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) to practice our activities in a way that insures both of the service quality and environmental safety.

Our treatment methods providing to customers:

  • Bio-biological Treatment.
  • An Aerobic Biological Treatment.
  • Chemical and Physical Treatment.