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Arabia Center for Safe disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes

On behalf of the ASW, Arabia Center for Safe disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
Today, the Arab Republic of Egypt faces a huge environmental challenge, as the great renaissance achieved by it at the level of services and industries, in addition to the high population density and the accelerated pattern of consumption, has generated a serious environmental problem represented by the increasing amount of waste and waste, which is becoming increasingly complex in its composition with the acceleration of development in various industries And medical technology and others.
Precedence and leadership:
We realized early on the scale of this challenge and its negative effects on the environment and society, which necessitated our establishment of FIRST Consulting, Environment and Calibration Company, to be one of the largest companies in the integrated environmental fields offering an environmental services package in Egypt and the Middle East, to occupy the leadership position during the previous decade, uniquely and specializing in Waste management, Arabia Center for Safe disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes was established.

Integrated system:
ASW is not a traditional waste management company, but an integrated environmental solutions company with a holistic perspective and forward-looking vision, established to play a pivotal role in the development process and raising the quality of life in cities.
Therefore, ASW has continuously developed its fields of activity to include everything related to providing the best and most secure environmental solutions, so we have established central stations for the treatment of medical waste, and has also contributed to the establishment of integrated industrial environmental parks to treat industrial waste, industrial and wastewater and water purification. Today, ASW owns a huge fleet of tankers in the region, and it provides services to supply landfills in a way that guarantees the protection of groundwater, and recently established a new factory for recycling industrial waste.
ASW is keen to share its accumulated experiences by providing supportive consulting services that include environmental impact assessment, monitoring and inspection, and has adopted many environmental awareness initiatives, training activities and community service initiatives.

Commitment to quality:
Commitment to quality and keenness to lead are values ​​at the heart of our methodology, and this confirms that the Center has won many awards that it won at the level of Egypt and the Middle East.

Future opportunities:
The future is full of opportunities, the environmental challenge is still great, and awareness of environmental issues and the responsibility towards them by individuals and companies is increasing, especially in light of the tangible interest in environmental issues and their sustainability, which has become a cornerstone of any future plans, which is clearly reflected through the vision of the ambitious state, That touched on environmental sustainability through the use of treated wastewater, pollution reduction and financing and management of waste management projects. We at ASW are keen on continuous development and expansion of services and expansion of the target customer segment.
The investment opportunities are very promising, and we are fully prepared to be in the future as we were in the past and as we are in the present: a strong partner in the advancement of our nations environment and the strengthening of our economy.