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Municipal Waste Management

About Municipal Wastes

Municipal wastes are the main types of waste and have an impact on daily life. They are primarily related to waste from consumption in homes and communities. Despite their low risk, they are one of the biggest contemporary environmental problems due to the huge quantities of waste resulting from modern life.

How Does ASW Deal with Municipal Wastes?

Our approach at ASW to the problem of municipal waste is based on the 5R Hierarchy, a methodology that starts from dealing with the issue starting from the source by reducing everything that can turn into waste in consumer products, and then dealing with waste by nature to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency in utilization Including, in the end, to treat residues that can not be used and disposed of in a safe manner.

In order to achieve integration in the management system, ASW provides the environment with planning and awareness services at all levels: governmental and community, including waste management and internal use. Our services also include the supply of waste collection and recycling containers in accordance with European standards currently used in companies such as GUPCO, BP,Pepsico, Froneri , as well as safes used for collecting paper and clothing as donations for recycling independently of other types of municipal waste. We also provide street sweeping cars and an electronic system to track the collection of waste as well as the provision of sorting lines and operation.

At the level of treatment, ASW designs, constructs and operates the material recovery facilities and provides a modern technical mechanism for the conversion of organic fertilizer waste that can be applied to modernize the existing facilities for faster production and higher quality of compost or establishment of new facilities.