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Industrial waste management

What is industrial waste?
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Industrial waste is any unwanted material that results from various industrial activities and processes and includes, for example, chemical solvents, dyes, sludge, metals, ash, paints, packaging materials, contaminated storage containers, and other solid waste, and it also includes liquid waste Such as industrial wastewater, spent oils, etc.
How does ASW deal with industrial waste?

ASW Environment provides industrial waste management services that cover all cases of solid and liquid waste. ASW covers all stages of industrial waste management, starting with preparing the necessary plans to manage industrial waste at the customers site and through storage, transport, treatment and safe disposal of waste in accordance with local and international standards.

ASW owns a fleet of vehicles designated for the transport of industrial waste according to the highest international standards and in accordance with accurate scientific procedures with detailed operational plans that include emergency plans, driver training, satellite monitoring and tracking systems and the documentary cycle approved by the regulatory authorities in Egypt.

ASW classifies the wastes received to determine the most appropriate safe scientific methods for treatment or recycling, and the treatment methods used in the ASW environmental complex include chemical, physical and biological treatment techniques, water treatment techniques, oil separation techniques, and oil and petroleum recovery materials from sludge. Petroleum, thermal oxidation techniques, physical stabilization and hardening processes, and other processes that are developed in accordance with the treatment requirements for different material classes.

ASW also owns a number of different units for the safe disposal of environmental waste, including first and second-class landfillers, evaporation pools, sludge pits and hazardous waste incinerators.

ASW, in cooperation with a number of qualified entities in the field of recycling some types of industrial waste, is developing appropriate mechanisms for recycling some items after conducting the necessary preliminary treatments.

SIPCO Environment has crowned its efforts and readiness in the field of industrial waste management by establishing the environmental complex for the treatment and recycling of industrial waste in Rabigh. The complex includes a chemical, physical and biological treatment unit, an industrial wastewater treatment unit, an oil separation and treatment unit, oil and petroleum recovery units from petroleum sludge, and a high thermal oxidation unit with a capacity of 3 tons of waste Daily, physical hardening and fixing units

The complex also includes landfills for burying hazardous waste of the first and second grades (Class 1 & Class 2) and evaporation ponds, as well as pits for burying the sludge, all lined with various earth insulation membranes as needed and equipped with a special drainage system.

ASW Environment provides its services in this field to a large number of clients in Egypt.