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Medical waste management

What is medical waste?

Medical waste is the waste that results from various medical activities in or outside hospitals, and includes, but is not limited to, all types of human tissue, blood, and body fluids that must be disposed of, sharp tools such as needles, syringes, etc., waste medicine and pharmaceutical products, and all materials, clothing, and devices suspected It contains pathogens and infectious agents.

With the advancement of medical technologies and the expansion of the fields of medicine, the need to find safe ways to safely dispose of these wastes has increased, especially since they are of their own nature - requiring different treatment than the rest of the types of waste, as failure to properly dispose of them may lead to serious consequences at the level of (1) Public health and (2) the spread of diseases and epidemics, the transmission of infection, (3) air pollution and (4) water and soil pollution.
How does ASW handle medical waste?

ASW Environment provides an integrated system for managing medical waste in all its classifications and using the latest technologies to ensure the highest environmental quality standards.

A phased mechanism is followed in this process, which includes dealing with it, from the proper screening process inside the facility to the final disposal of it after its danger has been removed. They include:
Management: Sorting and classifying waste according to type and severity level.
Collection: Collection of waste after sorting it in designated locations and isolating radioactive materials.
Transportation: Transport of waste to treatment sites through a large, refrigerated fleet equipped with the latest technology.
Treatment: Treatment of waste to reduce its volume and remove the hazardous reservoirs in it. Disposal: Disposal of waste that has been treated like other municipal waste.