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Environmental Training

On the Importance of Environmental Training

As the awareness of the importance of sustainable development and the impact of random waste management on the environment and people’s health have grown, environmental management has become a cornerstone in building successful and responsible companies. Environmental training has become an important tool not only in ensuring compliance with local environmental laws, Economic importance.

Areas of work in environmental training

Before embarking on its external environment, Arabia Center ,ASW, took care of training and qualification services to raise the efficiency of its staff and provide them with the most important knowledge tools necessary to carry out their work at the highest level of quality and to be active in their professional and social environment.

The company has established its own environmental training center for its employees, which has been a key tool in building the company’s capabilities and has been a springboard for building effective and productive training programs.

ASW’s training programs target two main aspects:

  1. Practical Skills.
  2. Institutional Capabilities.

Practical Skills:

  • Specialized training lectures for employees in the health sector in order to raise the awareness of the medical and technical staff in the facilities with the mechanism of dealing safely with medical waste, and the proper ways to get rid of them and eliminate their seriousness.
  • Specialized courses for factory workers to raise awareness and qualify them to perform their roles in a safe and healthy environment.

Institutional Capabilities:

  • Training programs.
  • Capacity-building workshops for employees to transform their enterprises into green environments, to exploit natural resources in a sustainable manner and to rationalize consumption.