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Monitoring and Environmental Inspection

About the Environmental Monitoring and Inspection

In light of the rapid growth witnessed by the country in the fields of industrial and health, how can we ensure the conservation of natural resources and achieve sustainable development that positively affect the environment and society?

It has become necessary to develop standards for the environmental performance of companies and factories and supervise compliance with them. In addition, awareness must be given to the importance of environmental practices in a safe and safe manner to ensure a healthy environment in which everyone is committed to high standards of quality and uniformity.

Areas of work in environmental monitoring and inspection

Monitoring and environmental inspection of Facilities
SEPCO provides its customers with environmental monitoring and inspection services, providing the necessary support for all processes related to environmental impact control of projects and ensuring environmental balance in development sites from:

  • Review and evaluate environmental declaration files submitted by existing investors or establishments to ensure their validity and conformity with global environmental standards.
  • Passing inspection visits to industrial establishments that seek environmental rehabilitation at various agencies.
  • Ending the issuance of environmental fines against infringing establishments.

Air Monitoring:
SEPCO provides 24-hour air monitoring services through its fixed and mobile stations that measure the levels of the main gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere.

Water Monitoring:
SEPCO collects and analyzes water samples of various types using modern laboratory equipment and techniques.

Drinking Water:
The analysis is conducted on drinking water from the source and at the distribution points.

Waste Water:
Industrial wastewater shall be monitored before and after the treatment process at the central stations prior to discharge directly and shall provide the necessary reports and recommendations to deal with any harmful effects that may endanger the marine and groundwater environment.

Our Achievements

SEPCO Environment is the right arm and the outstanding environmental arm of the Royal Commission in Yanbu in the field of supervision of all the processes related to the control and environmental inspection in Yanbu Industrial City and its surroundings, which we consider a valuable certificate that reflects the level of confidence and efficiency and quality of work that we offer to our major customers.

In this context, SEPCO will:

  • Monitoring the quality of the environment in the city and its surroundings by analyzing pollution levels in air, groundwater and sea water.
  • Monitor the negative impacts of industrial activities on marine life and fisheries, particularly at discharge points and protected areas.
  • To ensure that these levels remain within safe health standards and to achieve a sustainable environment, SEPCO has been mandated to review and issue permits.
  • Supervision and inspection of facilities.
  • Ensure that industrial facilities comply with the standards and regulations established by the Royal Commission.
  • The company supervises and supervises the management of hazardous waste of all types in the industrial and medical facilities in the city.