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Fly Ash Management

Fly Ash Wastes

Carbon fly ash produces fuel combustion in power plants and desalination plants in the Kingdom and is classified as one of the major sources of air and soil pollution.

Carbon ash is a major hazard left unchecked, and may be a cause of deadly cancer, for easy inhalation as unstable ash in the atmosphere.

Ash is eliminated from combustion smoke before it is discharged from the flue through special filters. Due to its high risk and ease of transmission, it requires special expertise and high capabilities to transport it and its parts.

How Does ASW Deal with Carbon Ash?

With its unique expertise and high potential, ASW provides complete solutions to ensure complete protection against the dangers of carbon ash, providing its customers with:

  • Filtration techniques in stations.
  • Services for the transfer of carbon ash by using its own transport of conveyors to the industrial land fill dams, Landfill classifies the first grade and second grade according to the riskiness of the type of ash (Class 1) and (Class 2).
  • The latest European technologies to recycle ash and reduce its negative effects.

ASW services for the management and treatment of carbon ash contribute to the protection of the environment and human beings. They increase air quality, protect soil and groundwater from toxic substances and ensure a healthy environment for the community.